Interconnect 1
Pure music
Musical Innovation

The cable is designed to be as fast, detailed, neutral and transparent as possible. The cable supports our scientific as well as our practical approaches with regards to performance.

We make all our cables from scratch. 

1. Gather metallic properties of the spesific material we're going to make the cable of.

2. decide structure of the cable. round, flat, tube etc.

3. calculate the spesific thickness of the cable with relation to the metallic properties combined with surface vs. core.

The formula is different for square, flat, round or tubular wire.

Cable - what matters for Doxa ?  

Properties of the conducting mass. Are we going to use copper, silver etc. We use copper or silver in our cables. We order copper or silver to spesification and get all the data for the spesific metal we order.

Form of the cable. Is it going to be round, flat, square, tubular etc. 

Then we have to calcualte the spesific thickness of the cable according to it's physical shape and metallic properties.

It is important that the surface of the cable is even. Here is where the high frequencies travel and often cables have rugged surface due to tear, uneven production or even corrotion. 

The insulation is also important for the wire. Air is the best dielectric. We use air. However we need some kind of electrical protection so that the wire does not short or work as an antenna. Here we need to find some clever design that shields the wire from the rest of the world and at the same time allow for mainly air to be in touch with the wire.

The solution is a thin layer of lacuer to the wire (to protect from corrotion etc) and then thread it trough a tube that is much thicker than the wire itself. This tube is made from carbon rubber outside and cotton tantackles on the inside for resonance and structural benifit. In the end the wire laies within an environment 90%air and 10% cotton. (cotton and teflon alike is the next best to air as far as dielectricum is concerned)

Solder quality is important and we use only silver/gold solder for best sound.

The actual connecting plug is also very important and here we've gone trough everything in the market and eneded up with the best and most sensible plugs for our cables.

Our top model interconnect cable is even treatet chemically by us and hand polished before it goes into the insulation tube. 

Everything except exctracting and prosessing the raw metal is done by us at our factory.

Pure, sensible and very much hand made.

Technical Innovation

Our science is accurate to the point where it perfectly corresponds to practical listening tests. That’s a rare treat in the wire-business today!

The cable can be delivered in all lengths although the recommended length is a result of both scientific calculations and practical listening tests.

Doxa Interconnect 1

Single Core pure grade copper with meticulously calculated dimension

Cotton/air dielectricum

60cm recommended length

25 Years

30 day Money-back-guarantee
25 years full warranty
We offer the industries most
extreme warranty.

30 days money back
We offer a 30 day money back
guarantee policy.


1750,- NOK / 0.6m
Added shield price

500,- NOK
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+ 47 920 65 774